UAE’s Preferred Horeca Supplier

Tulsidas is a trusted distributor of whole-foods, groceries, beverages and fast-moving consumer goods, earning them the status of a preferred supplier.

  • Diverse and Hard-to-Procure Products
  • Quality Assurance and ISO 22000:2018 Certified

  • Over 150 Years of Experience
  • Efficient In-House Logistics
  • Special B2B Pricing
  • Supplier to Michelin-Starred Restaurants
  • HACCP Certified for Food Safety


Tulsidas covers a variety of food products, including Asian sauces, broths, bouillons, spices, rice, grains, essential food ingredients, nuts, canned foods, dairy, oil, vinegars, dressings, pastas, gourmet and fine foods.


Tulsidas carries a wide range of beverages like tea, coffee, Arabica instant coffee, Robusta instant coffee, still water, sparkling water from well known brands including home-grown brands in the United Arab Emirates.


Tulsidas brands include products like antiseptics, disinfectants. The entity also carries hand-wash liquid, dish-wash liquid, plastic and biodegradable packaging products, plates, cups including hand sanitizers, masks and hardwood charcoal.